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Undergraduate Students

Sargent Center for Outdoor Education.

Sargent Center for Outdoor Education.

The CECB, in conjunction with the Biology Department, offers an undergraduate Biology Concentration with a Specialization in Ecology and Conservation Biology (SECB).

Qualified students are encouraged to participate in the semester-long Tropical Ecology Program, other approved off-campus field-based courses, and/or to engage in independent research projects with faculty during the summer or academic year.

Download an SECB Course Checklist (PDF)

Department of Biology Undergraduate Program

Graduate Students

For general information on graduate programs at Boston University, please visit the Boston University College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) web site, in particular the Graduate Admissions page.

The Boston University Department of Biology offers several graduate specializations, including a program in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution. For more information on Graduate Programs in Biology, please visit the Biology Department web site.

Searching for faculty research interests that match yours? Check out the CECB faculty listings.

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