Thanks for your interest in our research! We would love to have you and your children visit our lab and participate in one of our studies.

How it works

You fill out an information form, and we will put you into our database. When we have a study that your child is the right age for, we will give you a call and set up a date and time for you to come in. We will then send you a confirmation email with directions to the lab. The day before your visit we will give you a call to confirm that you can still make it.

What happens when you’re here?

We will meet you in the parking garage (where you park for free) and walk over to the lab with you. Each visit takes about 30 minutes, and you’re welcome to bring any siblings. During the time you’re here, your child will play a simple game, either alone or with another child.  At the end of the visit your child will get a small prize for participating. Please feel free to call or send us an email with any questions or to schedule an appointment! You can also Sign up HERE!

Contact Us

  • Email us
  • Give us a call (617) 358-7236
  • Visit us Room 118, 64 Cummington Mall Boston, MA 02215

Information for Students

Want to volunteer?We hire volunteer and directed study students for each semester. We're looking for responsible, energetic students with a passion for research! Help us run studies, interact with parents and participants, enter data, and more.

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