BU Courses

Are you interested in taking a course related to character education or social responsibility? There is a range of courses offered at Boston University’s School of Education that may be just right for you. For the most up to date course offerings please go to the Student Link. Below are brief descriptions of several recommended courses:

SED ED 214 Educating Global Citizens: Learn and act. Explore conflict resolution by studying current global events and teaching Boston-area high school students the “experiential education” approach to successful mediation. As a final project, small groups author new, original geo-political case studies they employ in high school classrooms, gaining an in-depth understanding of how to teach the origins, potential consequences and solutions to global issues facing us today.

SED IE 603 Project Analysis and Planning for Urban Educational Development: The course is designed as a workshop in which students learn a set of planning techniques and apply these techniques in the design of real projects or programs of their own choosing. Emphasis is on showing how a proposed development project can be expected to contribute, at some level, to the resolution of an important social problem and designing a persuasive project proposal.