Red Hat Collaboratory @BU

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University:
An innovative partnership designed to advance research in emerging and translational technologies

About the Lab

A collaboration between Red Hat and Boston University, the Red Hat Collaboratory promotes the research agenda of the Cloud Computing Initiative by connecting academic researchers with industry practitioners to work together on ground-breaking projects that seek to advance state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies. Embedded within both organizations, the Red Hat Collaboratory @BU will have a footprint at Red Hat’s facility in the Boston Seaport Innovation District and at Boston University’s Hariri Institute for Computing.

The Collaboratory supports project incubation, fellowship opportunities, and support for visiting scientists. In addition to advancing technical and scientific goals, the collaboration provides training opportunities for students through internships; engages BU in the development of STEM initiatives in and around Boston; and serves as a vehicle for the dissemination and adoption of innovative research results through colloquia, workshops, and public forums with the broader cloud computing R&D community.

Fellowship Opportunities

Red Hat Collaboratory @BU will provide funded fellowships for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and visiting scientists.

Red Hat Graduate Fellowships
PhD students who are awarded these high-profile fellowships will have the opportunity to collaborate with Red Hat via paid internships as well as by spending time at Red Hat’s new facilities.  These fellowships will be awarded for a period of up to five years to incoming and continuing PhD students in the departments of Computer Science (CAS) and Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENG) at BU.
Red Hat Postdoctoral and Visiting Scientist Fellowships
These fellowships will allow postdocs and visiting scientists to collaborate with researchers at BU and Red Hat.  Fellows will have the opportunity to engage with a broader community of researchers, students, and industry experts by organizing a colloquium series.  The fellowships will be awarded for a period of up to two years to researchers from other institutions who are engaged in ongoing Red Hat Collaboratory @BU projects, such as the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project, which includes collaborators from Brown, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and UMass, as well as future projects, such as those described in the research thrusts below.

Research Thrusts

Red Hat Collaboratory @BU will direct its funding to research projects that involve both academic research groups and Red Hat engineers. The key areas of initial interest are:

Automating Datacenter Management
Exploring novel analyses that leverage machine learning and big data to inform or automate data center management tasks (e.g., cooling, configuration management, and diagnosis)
Scalable Monitoring Frameworks
Experimenting with the creation of scalable frameworks for efficiently collecting events from a variety of sources and querying them
Distributed Scheduling
Developing mechanisms for scheduling HPC, Big Data, and PaaS workloads in complex, distributed environments, such as heterogeneous data centers that use bare-metal and virtualized resources
Support for Emerging Application
Investigation into how data centers can better support emerging types of application, such as micro services and virtualized network functions
Tradeoffs between Economic Models
Analyzing trade-offs between different economic models for data center usage and the architectural support needed to enable them

For more information about fellowships and funding opportunities, please contact CCI Director, Orran Krieger, at