Founding Director

Orran Krieger Orran Krieger

Orran Krieger founded the Center for Cloud Innovation in the Spring of 2013. He is a Resident Fellow of the Hariri Institute and a Professor of the Practice at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University. Current projects include the Massachusetts Open Cloud, and EbbRT, a new operating system for cloud computing.  His previous work includes vCloud at VMware, and leading the Advanced Operating Systems Research Department at IBM.


Participating Faculty

Jonathan Appavoo Jonathan Appavoo

Architectures for scalable, elastic systems that enable large-scale on-demand computing




Azer BestavrosAzer Bestavros

Distributed Systems; Internet and Cloud Computing; Safety Certification of Systems and Networks




John Byers John Byers

Algorithmic and economic aspects of e-commerce; Networking; Large-scale data management




Ayse CoskunAyse Coskun

Design automation, computer architecture, embedded systems, with a focus on energy efficiency and thermal challenges.




Mark Crovella Mark Crovella

Performance evaluation, focusing on parallel and networked computer systems; Detecting and understanding anomalies in IP networks; Efficient network monitoring




Martin Herbordt Martin Herbordt

Computer architecture, High Performance Computing systems and applications, accelerators, interconnects.




Martin Herbordt Martin Herbordt

Computer architecture, High Performance Computing systems and applications, accelerators, interconnects.




Benjamin LubinBenjamin Lubin

Multi-agent systems; Game theory; Mechanism design; Electronic commerce; Combinatorial optimization; Preference elicitation and representation; Grid computing




Abraham MattaAbraham Matta

Transport and routing protocols for the Internet and wireless networks; Feedback-based control design and analysis; Architectures for protocol design and large-scale traffic management; Modeling and performance evaluation.




Richard WestRichard West

Real-time and embedded systems; Multicore systems; Resource management; Hardware-software interaction




Research Scientists


Ata Turk

Ata’s research interests include designing scalable cloud monitoring systems and their intelligent utilization for security, performance and transparency; development of fast elastic bare-metal provisioning systems and their intelligent utilization for improved throughput and utilization; and representing cloud systems (VMs, containers) as data and enabling analytics on these systems for improved management. Prior to joining MOC, Ata worked in Yahoo! Research Barcelona.



Raja Sambasivan

Raja’s research interests include distributed systems, networking, and storage. His past research focused on automating problem diagnosis in clouds and on creating mechanisms that allow the Internet to be rapidly upgraded.  He completed his PhD and postdoctoral work at Carnegie Mellon University.




Jason Hennessey

Prior to joining the CCI, Jason worked in industry, including several years at Digital/Compaq/HP as a Unix kernel engineer and VMware working on cloud computing. As part of his PhD work, he studied the preservation and longevity of digital resources used in scholarly literature.

At the CCI, and as part of the Mass Open Cloud efforts, he is focused on researching several aspects of implementing a large, multi-tenant, multi-provider cloud including scheduling, security, privacy, cost assessment models and the overall architecutre.