Benefits of Membership

While an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) is largely supported by membership fees, the benefits to industry membership far outweigh the relatively small annual fees.  I/UCRC members benefits include:

  • Leverage the research funds from other center members and NSF.  The consolidated funding (via membership fees) may enable 5 to 6 times the individual investment to address pressing industry needs.
  • Get research results early.  Industry members will have pre-publication research results available for review.
  • Influence research directions.
  • Meet graduate students.  A primary goal of the I/UCRC is to provide a pipeline of qualified scientists and engineers to industry.
  • Interact with others in the field.  The I/UCRC provides the opportunity for a company to engage on a pre-competitive basis with customers, peers and vendors.
  • Jump start on technology transfer.  Industry members have the ability to influence applied research to be aligned with “design rules” that are optimized for their manufacturing operations.
  • Licensing rights.  Members have the option to a royalty-free/non-exclusive license or in the situation where only one member desires a license an option to an exclusive/royalty bearing license.
  • Opportunities to establish partnerships to pursue major federal funding.

Click here to view a presentation from Larry Hornak about membership in the Center for Biophotonics Sensors and Systems I/UCRC, presented at the IAB meeting in December 2011.

10/27/15 -- Boston, Massachusetts Professor Enrico Bellotti with students in a Photonics lab on October 27, 2015. Photo by Christopher McIntosh for Boston University Photography