Membership is open to non-profit and for-profit corporations, government labs and federally funded research and development corporations (FFRDC), and government owned contractor operated labs. The annual membership fee is $50,000 payable in quarterly increments. NSF has a program in-place where Phase II SBIR companies can request NSF to fund 90% of the annual membership fee. All members would sign membership agreements; however, NSF has provisions where they will manage the process of purchasing memberships for FFRDC and federal agencies through Interagency Agreements.

The CBSS vision is to have a diverse membership that spans the industry and continuum of technology transfer. CBSS will be anchored by the photonic research centers at Boston University and the University of California at Davis. These research centers will respond to the industry supply chain and “end-users” represented by the medical centers at each of the university campuses.

Dareen Roblyer in Lab