Mission Statement

The Center for Biophotonic Sensors and Systems will focus on translational research where photonics provides the enabling technologies for advances in methods to detect/sense and identify biological properties, conditions, or changes at the molecular and cellular/sub-cellular level.  Ultimately, we see photonics as a driver for early disease detection, reduction of health care costs, speedier and more effective treatment through personalized care and better patient outcomes.

The mission of CBSS is:

  • To create a national center of excellence for biosensor research with photonics as the enabling technology.
  • To cultivate embryonic applications for biosensors.
  • To advance biophotonic sensor technology, providing significant commercial benefits for disease diagnosis, patient monitoring, drug efficacy testing, and food and water safety.
  • To develop effective methods for technology translation, accelerating innovative research to commercial benefit.
  • To increase the quantity, quality and diversity of professionals prepared to work in this field.
  • To involve the full technology and supply value chain in a common focus of solving critical unmet needs in the healthcare sector using biophotonic sensing solutions.