Meet our Farmers


Prince Edward Aqua Farms

Prince Edward Island, Canada


Located in New London, Prince Edward Aqua Farms has been fishing a variety of shellfish since 1989. They are passionate about sustainability, seen through their efforts to reduce the possibility of potentially invasive species and their extensive waste recovery system. Shellfish aquaculture is also known to help naturally filter the surrounding water. PEI mussels are available throughout the year at BU dining halls.


Great Brook Farm

Carlisle, Massachusetts

Milk, Butter, Sour Cream

Great Brook Farm is a unique dairy farm located in a Massachusetts state park. Mark and Tamma Duffy are first-generation farmers managing 140 cows on 300 acres. Great Brook Farm is a member of Cabot Creamery Cooperative, a dairy farm co-op made up of family farms throughout New England and New York that provides BU with its butter and sour cream on a daily basis.


Jonathan’s Organic

Rochester, Massachusetts

Bean and alfalfa sprouts

Jonathan’s Organics has been family-owned and operated by Bob and Barbara Sanderson since 1976. The farm produces a variety of herbs and vegetables but focuses primarily on alfalfa and bean sprouts. Certified Organic and grown in greenhouses, Jonathan’s uses no toxic or synthetic chemicals on their crops to maintain a healthy environment and product. Their wholesome sprouts are delivered to BU year-round.


Ward’s Berry Farm

Sharon, Massachusetts

Squash, Corn

Ward’s Berry Farm is operated by brothers Jim and Bob Ward. A variety of vegetables and small fruits are grown on the 178 acres using an integrated pest management strategy to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides. Ward’s Berry Farm also provides its delicious produce through a BU-sponsored CSA each year and can be found at BU farmers’ markets in the fall!