If you are a faculty or staff member who is having difficulty making a purchase through BU Works, please submit a help ticket.

What CAS IT recommends
CAS IT can help with purchasing computer equipment for your office. For custom quotes for equipment from our recommended vendors, submit a Help Ticket describing what you would like to purchase. Include as much or as little information as you know (for example whether you want a Mac or PC), but include what sort of work you intend to do on this machine so we may better assist your selection. Also, provide information about what software packages you typically use. Common packages are Abobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.

The desktop and laptop computers we recommend are moderately priced, general-purpose computers that are more than capable of delivering superior word processing, web browsing, e-mail, desktop publishing, database and modest data analysis performance. Desktop computers can be configured as either low-end or high-end workstations.

What CAS IT Does NOT recommend
CAS IT has specific recommendations based off of years of experience with different manufacturers and models of computers. While there are cheaper computers available at retail stores than through our Sourcing and Procurement department, there are typically features lacking that make them less attractive to recommend to our user community.

An example of this is the Dell Inspiron computer line, which is the home line available through Dell computers. While the base price may be cheaper than the Optiplex line, once the computer is configured with the same features and components as an Optiplex, the price is typically higher than the business class computer, and will not come standard with an extended warranty.

One of the most important parts of any of our recommended systems is the extended warranty, which allows CAS IT to request parts directly from the manufacturer, and provide quick and efficient service to replace defective components. The typical turnaround on these parts and service is 1-2 days, not requiring the computer to be brought or shipped off campus. For Apple computers, we strongly recommend purchasing Applecare along with the computer. It extends the warranty to 3 years, and will cover all parts and labor charges for computers serviced at an Apple Certified Repair shop. All BU standard computer models come with an extended warranty, which is another reason we strongly recommend purchasing BU standard models.

How to Purchase

Computers and Peripherals: To purchase equipment, visit the Sourcing and Procurement website, click on the Shopper’s Guide and select Computers, Software and Peripherals link. After logging into the page using a BU Kerberos account, you’ll be presented with a page containing information on the BU standard models. At the top of each page is a link with instructions for making the purchase. To purchase products for personal use, click here to go to the IS&T Personal Sales page.

Software: For Adobe and Microsoft pricing, we have an on-campus vendor through the IT Help Center that offers substantial discounts on products from those companies for staff, faculty and students at BU.
For other software packages, SHI, also accessible through the Sourcing and Procurement site with BU-specific pricing, offers many software packages used on campus. If there are packages not offered through SHI that you need, please contact our office and we can help obtain pricing.

Non-suggested system purchases: For equipment from other vendors (Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.), the purchase may need to be approved by CAS IT, as per guidelines established with Sourcing and Procurement. This is specifically true of purchases made by faculty seeking reimbursement.