By Brian Anderson


August 12th, 2016

Last night, 685 Commonwealth Avenue had an unplanned network outage due to some power work.  This impacted the network in many places on campus and was restored earlier this morning.  At this time, CASFSA and CASFSB are still offline.  CAS IT is working to restore service as quickly as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


July 14th, 2015

Good Morning – CAS IT has now changed over to using Service-Now, which is the Help Request tool used by IS&T.  Using this tool will help us work better with IS&T, and route tickets faster to the appropriate groups, cutting down response times.

Due to this change, we have changed our webform to allow for submissions into Service-Now through our site.


Please let us know if you have any feedback, issues or concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th, 2014

The staff of CAS IT want to wish our community a Happy Thanksgiving.  We will be closing at 1 pm today and will open again at 8 am on Monday, December 1st.

Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving.


July 7th, 2014

We’ve had numerous reports of problems connecting to casfsa and casfsb this morning.  We made a security change over the weekend that makes shortcuts that do not include the extension to not work properly.  If you are having problems connecting, please try to follow the instructions on this page (or under the Fileserver link above) and if you are connecting to casfsb, use that in place of  Please submit tickets for assistance with recreating shortcuts, and we will address those as soon as we can.

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Summer Hours

May 14th, 2014

On 5/19 CAS Information Technology will start our summer hours. We will be open Monday through Friday from 9AM – 5PM. We will keep these hours until the week prior to classes, when we will resume our 8AM – 6PM hours.

Thank you and enjoy your Summer!


Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2012

CAS IT wishes everyone a Happy New Year.  We will resume our 8 – 6 hours on the 3rd.

November 11th

November 4th, 2011

CAS IT will be closed on Friday, November 11th, in observance of Veterans Day.

New Website, New Name

July 26th, 2011

As of last week, CAS Computing Services group has changed the name of the department to CAS Information Technology, CAS IT for short.  It is to reflect the nature of the work the office performs for the community, as well as be more in line with the other IT groups in the other Schools and Colleges of the University.

In addition, we have put together a new website, containing the same information as before, but with a new look and a restored Help ticket button.

BU Works

July 2nd, 2011

BU works is live.  For those having issues, here are the browser requirements:

Firefox 3.6 or Internet Explorer 8 are supported; all other browsers are not fully supported.

For other issues, please contact the IT Help Center (617 353-4357).

FAQ about the Upcoming Migration to Exchange

April 27th, 2011

Currently there are two email migration projects that our office is undertaking; the first to migrate users of the older ACS mail system to the newer Cyrus mail system.  Beyond that we’ve also been tasked by IS&T to assist in the migration of folks over to the new Exchange environment that will be going live in August.

To provide more information, here is a Q&A:

Q.  What is this about and why is it happening?

A.  IS&T currently provides and supports multiple email environments, several which are outdated.  With the move of the student email to Google Gmail, the time is right to consolidate the email environments into a single service offering, as it simplifies the support structure, and facilitates quicker email problem resolution.  The decision was made by IS&T to consolidate onto Microsoft Exchange, as this is the platform that many of the administrative units have been using for many years, and provides numerous features in addition to email.

Q.  What are these features?

A.  The biggest draw is the calendaring function, which will unify several services into a single interface.  People using existing Google Calendars, WebEvent or other calendar applications will find the Exchange simplicity and usability attractive.  Sharing calendars is also very easy and will eliminate the need for using other products.  There are many other features, such as an Out-of-Office assistant that can be set up ahead of time, and will enable and disable itself according to a schedule.  The directory services and searching for people is built-in and very easy to use.  The last draw is the ability to see the same mail, folders, attachments, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks across multiple computers as well as the web.

Q.  Who needs to be moved?

A.  Everyone who is using ACS as their primary email server.  Several CAS departments have their own email server, and while we may need to do something for the Cyrus migration, the Exchange project won’t require us to do anything to the folks using departmental email servers.  The servers known to us are in Astronomy, CNS, Computer Science, Math, Chemistry and Physics.  If you don’t belong to any of the departments mentioned above, most likely we’ll be working with you to move your account to Exchange.

Q.  What email clients can be used?

A.  For the full functionality and use of all of the features, we recommend the use of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2011.  Mac OS X Mail and Thunderbird also can connect to the Exchange server, however some of the functionality is lost, but the basics still work (email, access to Global Addresses).  Mac OS X Mail users also get the calendar functionality through the iCal application.

Q.  When will this start?

A.  We are already moving people to Exchange, however the bulk of the transition will not begin until August 2011, when an updated Exchange service is made available by IS&T.  We will have until Summer 2012 to move all of the CAS faculty and staff onto the Exchange server.