Change of Class Year for CAS Student

Your class year is based upon the number of completed Boston University and/or external credits and does not include courses for which you are currently enrolled.

0 to 31 = Freshman (U1)
32-63 = Sophomore (U2)
64-95 = Junior (U3)
96 + = Senior (U4)

Approved changes will typically apply to the following semester record, which is used as the basis for housing and registration.

Changing your class year may impact future financial aid awards. Give due consideration to this possibility before making any changes to your class year.

International students should check with ISSO (617-353-3565) before making changes to their class year.

Please note that class year changes for the spring semester will only be approved if you have earned enough credit to be on track to advance an additional class year for the following fall semester.
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