Intra-University Transfer

I'm thinking about switching to COM, or SMG, but maybe SHA?

“I’m thinking about switching to COM, or Questrom, but maybe SHA?”

General Criteria

  • Student needs a cumulative BU GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Student should take the required gateway course and earn required grade (see below)
  • Registration to gateway courses is often restricted on the StudentLink; students should contact the School or College to find out about registration dates/times/procedures
  • Student should meet with an advisor in the anticipated School or College’s main advising office (see below)
School / College Gateway Course Criteria
COM CO 101 Grade of C or higher
CFA (Student must audition and/or submit portfolio Approval of audition and/or portfolio
ENG n/a Must be in good standing; some math/science may be required
SAR n/a Evaluated case by case
SED ED 100/101 Grade of B- or higher
SHA HF 100 Grade of C or higher
Questrom SMG SM131 (4 cr.) AND
SMG FE101 (2 cr.)
Grade of B- or higher


COM: Office of Student Services, 640 Comm. Ave. Room 123, 617-353-3471

CFA: Student Services, 855 Comm. Ave. 617-353-3350

ENG: Undergraduate Programs Office, 44 Cummington St. Room 107, 617-353-6447

SAR: Academic Services Center, 635 Comm. Ave. Room 207, 617-353-2713

SED: Student Services, 2 Silber Way Room 243, 617-353-3177

SHA: Academic Counseling Office, 928 Comm. Ave., 617-353-3261

Questrom: Undergraduate Academic and Career Development Office, 595 Comm. Ave., Suite 104, 617-353-2650


  • Applications are accepted beginning after the fall of the student’s freshman year and no later than end of the first semester of junior year
  • For all schools except Questrom, CAS and COM there are two published deadlines per year—one for fall and one for spring—but applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Questrom: May 1st for Fall, August 1st for Fall including review of Summer work, December 1st for Spring
  • CAS and COM: One month after the start of classes for the following semester

QST SM131: Business, Society, and Ethics
Required of all students who did not enter as September freshmen and complete SMG SM 299. Students will explore the ethical problems facing global management. Through identification and discussion of the substantive disciplines relevant to business, students will uncover a complicated analysis necessary to make appropriate decisions and will highlight their interdependencies. This course stresses written and oral communication skills and logical reasoning as an ingredient for sound analysis and rational business planning. The course stresses teamwork because at the heart of modern management is the need to collaborate with others and to organize, motivate, and monitor teams of diverse people to accomplish shared goals. 4 cr.

QST FE 101: Intro to Finance

Required of all Questrom freshmen. Pre-req or co-req: QST SM 131. This course offers a rigorous overview of principles of finance, such as time value of money, interest rates, basic valuation of cash flow streams, and basic stock and bond valuation. It uses a combination of teaching materials including online problem solving and case writing that will help the student through the intensive syllabus. FE 101 and the redesigned FE 323 offer a comprehensive overview of finance to Questrom students. 2 cr.

COM CO 101: The World of Communication
Introduces students to many fundamental principles of communication. Students also learn about the intertwined nature of communication professions as they explore the major fields of study in communication. Guest lectures from various industries inform students of potential future career paths.


SED ED 100: Introduction to Education
Designed to orient students to the education profession.  Examines topics such as aims of education, student learning, effective teaching, and good schools using inquiry from philosophy, psychology, sociology, and history. Includes 60 hours of observation and assistance in local schools. Must be taken concurrently with SED ED 101. 6cr, either semester.

SED ED 101: Education Lab
Orientation to school requirements and state certification. Preliminary assessment in basic mathematics skills. Introduction to the uses of educational media and technology in classrooms and online. Required of all SED undergraduate students and all other students seeking teacher licensure. Must be taken concurrently with SED ED 100. 0cr, either semester.


SHA HF 100: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
Serves as the prerequisite to all SHA courses. Students wishing to take any SHA courses must first complete SHA HF 100. An introductory course designed to offer an overview of the hospitality industry. Students gain a historical perspective and track current events. The class discusses the structure of the industry including chains, franchising, ownership, and management. The course explores the inner workings of various components of lodging, food service, and entertainment organizations. It previews the important disciplines covered in upper-level classes. Actual industry examples and case studies are used extensively. This course is not offered to seniors. 4 cr, either semester.


Curriculum Guides:

COM: Found here called “Freshmen and Sophomore Foundation Requirements”

Questrom: General curriculum and a detailed description of Liberal Arts Electives: