External Credit (transfer courses, summer courses away, etc.)

General information about transfer credits:

  • Only courses equivalent to those offered by the undergraduate schools and colleges of Boston University will be accepted for transfer.
  • Courses taken at other institutions must carry at least 2.5 Boston University credits in order to be equated to Boston University courses.
  • A grade of C or higher is required in any course for which a student seeks transfer credit
  • Transfer course grades are not factored into the BU grade point average
  • The maximum number of credits allowed in transfer is 80.

Transfer students

  • The Transfer Admissions office initially evaluates transfer students’ credit.
  • Courses are given a “Y” or “N” (yes or no) evaluation as to whether the transfer course has been granted credit at BU.
  • Most courses are awarded credit and equated to a BU course at the Admissions evaluation.
  • The rest of the credit falls under “unassigned” or elective credit.
  • In order for a transfer course to satisfy a College requirement or major/minor requirement, it must be evaluated and equated to a BU course.
  • Courses are equated by the corresponding CAS department (e.g. a psychology course is evaluated by the Psychology department) or corresponding School or College at BU (e.g. a painting course would be evaluated by CFA)

Summer Study

It is generally expected that College of Arts & Sciences students will complete their degree requirements in approved courses within Boston University. Students may, however, wish to receive credit for academic work done elsewhere during the summer.

  • Students pursuing a program of study outside Boston University who wish to transfer credit must do so in an accredited program at an accredited college or university.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in any course for which a student seeks transfer credit and courses must carry at least 2.5 Boston University credits.
  • By University policy, students pursuing summer coursework within the metropolitan Boston area must take such courses at Boston University unless
    • a) the course is a program requirement and is not offered in the Boston University summer term, or
    • b) the student receives written pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the relevant Boston University department and the Associate Dean for Student Academic Life.