“It’s a really unique experience that you don’t find in another setting. A connection that the mentor and mentee get to define and build together with time.”(AMP Mentor, CAS ’16)

AMP Mentors play an important role in achieving the AMP Program goals and objectives. Mentors develop an interpersonal relationship with their mentee that helps them become academically and socially connected to the BU community.

Peer Mentor Expectations

  • Peer Mentors will be able to articulate the goals of the Academic Peer Mentoring program.
  • Peer Mentors will attend scheduled training sessions and meet regularly with their assigned staff member in CAS.
  • Peer Mentors will be available for their assigned mentees for at least one hour per week/student.
  • Peer Mentors will be sensitive to students’ privacy and maintain confidentiality when appropriate.
  • Peer Mentors will familiarize themselves with campus resources and make referrals when appropriate.

Peer Mentor Criteria

  • In good academic standing with the University
  • Sophomore, junior or senior
  • Positive attitude
  • Interest in helping their peers
  • Commitment to academic success
  • Team player

Peer Mentor Role with Mentees

  • Provide personal assistance to mentees
  • Assist in the development of skills necessary for mentees to succeed at BU
  • Motivate students to achieve their academic goals
  • Serve as a resource and referral person for the mentee
  • Encourage mentee to interact frequently with his/her academic advisor and BU staff
  • Provide support, encouragement, and positive perspectives
  • Ask questions and give feedback
  • Maintain ongoing contact with Staff Mentors and AMP Coordinators
  • Encourage mentees to utilize campus resources

What to Do Together?

  • Build a positive relationship
  • Study together
  • Look, listen, and learn
  • Attend academic workshops
  • Interact with other mentees
  • Participate in academic and social activities with mentee(s) to share resources and experiences

Mentor Application

For the Mentor Application, please click here.

Obligation Agreement

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