Advising Essentials  


Academic Advising:

Every student in the College of Arts & Sciences has an academic advisor.  You are expected to meet with your advisor at least once, prior to registration each term to discuss academic goals, courses and get your registration code. If you enter BU with a declared major (i.e., Anthropology, Biology, English, Psychology), you will be assigned to a department-based advisor, most likely a faulty member, from the academic department that is home to your major.  If you are undeclared, you have an assigned professional advisor from the CAS Advising Center and you are a part of the Undeclared Experience.

Whether declared or undeclared, your advisor will help you develop a program of study, which includes coursework and other opportunities, such as research, internships, and study abroad.  If you are unsure who your advisor is, please log into your StudentLink and look within the Academic Advising Tab.  If your advisor is not listed, please call your major department to inquire about how to select an advisor for your major.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Overview:

The College of Arts & Science’s Bachelors Degrees are a combination of Foundational Skills met through proficiency in writing, language and math, General Education Breadth Requirements and major requirements.  All CAS students are encouraged to take responsibility of educating themselves on their degree requirements and work in partnership with their academic advisors to ensure accurate and timely graduation.

Degree Advice:

Degree Advice provides a real-time delivery of academic advice and a program progress checklist that students may use to accurately support their degree planning and completion.

Graduation Advising:

At the closure of your junior year, all CAS students file an Intent to Graduate that officially declares their desired graduate month, year and program(s) of study.  Once this graduation application is filed, an advisor from the CAS Academic Advising Office will be assigned to you and will communicate with you an official graduation review.  This review is the accumulation of your academic credits that count toward graduation and courses completed toward your degree.  This review should confirm for you where you are in relation to your desired graduation date and allow you to solve any unresolved issues in a year’s time.