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How can we work together to promote better cultural understanding worldwide?

Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Guidelines

Students who wish to take a leave of absence or permanently withdraw from the University should contact the University Service Center, located on the Lower Level of 881 Commonwealth Avenue (617-358-1818). Mere absence from classes does not constitute official withdrawal and does not reduce your financial obligation to the University. You must officially withdraw or arrange for a leave of absence prior to the start of the semester in order to obtain the full cancellation of tuition and fees. Students who do not file an official withdrawal or leave of absence request may encounter problems with their financial aid, billing, and academic status.

Exit interviews are conducted at the University Service Center for students withdrawing or taking leaves of absence. Exit interviews help to ensure that the withdrawal/leave of absence process is a smooth and efficient one for students and provide an opportunity for students to comment on their experience at the University. All CAS students who are withdrawing for academic reasons are asked to speak with a member of the professional advising staff in CAS Academic Advising, CSS Room 401 (617-353-2400), before leaving campus.

Students who are unable to arrange for a leave of absence or withdrawal in person may submit a written request to the University Service Center; please contact the office at 617-358-1818 for instructions regarding the information that must be included with a mailed or faxed request. A request for a leave of absence or withdrawal is effective on the date the signed request is received in the University Service Center. Charges are canceled in accordance with the published refund schedule, based on the effective date of the request. The refund schedule is outlined in a number of Boston University publications, including the Undergraduate Bulletin and Student Accounting Services’ “The Guide.”

If the effective date of the leave of absence or withdrawal entitles the student to the full or partial cancellation of charges, a credit balance may result on the student account. To obtain the refund of a credit balance, a written request must be submitted to Student Accounting Services at 881 Commonwealth Avenue. (Financial aid recipients submit refund requests to Financial Assistance, also located at 881 Commonwealth Avenue.)

International students in F-1 or J-1 immigration status must obtain written approval from the International Students & Scholars Office at 888 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor (617-353-3565), before taking a leave of absence or withdrawing.

For more information, please refer to the University Service Center.