Registration Information

General Registration Instructions

Registration Dates

Registration for incoming students typically occurs between Monday, August 18th through Friday, August 29th. However, depending on the department or program, registration may occur after your arrival on campus in September.

    College of Registration

    • “GRS” (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

    Advising and Course Selection

    • Advising and course selection occurs at your department.
    • A registration form is to be completed with appropriate course and section numbers.
    • Faculty advisor’s signature is required.
    • Student’s signature is required.

    Registering for Courses

    • Registration will be processed either by department staff or by using WebReg.  The department staff will advise you on which process will be used.  For those departments using WebReb, please see the WebReg instructions below.
    • Completed registration form with all required signatures is submitted to the staff at your department.
    • Course confirmation and charges can be viewed and printed from the StudentLink.
    • For those registering for less than twelve credits (part-time status), it is important to complete the  Continuing Study and Certified Full-time Status Form for your student record to be updated.
    • Charges are assessed once registration is processed.  If you must withdraw from the University, you must complete and submit a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form in accordance with the published refund schedule to receive a refund or credit to your account. Please note that in order to receive a full refund, the withdraw form must be submitted to the GRS Office before the first day of classes. Additionally, Leaves of Absence will not be granted in your first semester of study.

    WebReg Instructions

    WebReg is accessed through the Student Link.

    1. Click on Academics.
    2. Click on Registration.
    3. Type in your BU login name and Kerberos password.
    4. Click on Continue.
    5. Click on Reg Options, Fall 2014.
    6. Enter Academic Advising Code (AAC) – obtained from your department.
    7. Click on Unlock.
    8. Click on Register for Class.
    9. Enter your course selections and click on Go.
    10. If there are no time conflicts or closed classes, click on Add classes to schedule.  Note: Time conflicts, missing components and closed classes will be noted in red in the right hand column.
    11. You will be asked: ‘Are sure you want to register for the selected classes?’ Click on OK.  Your classes will be displayed.
    12. If you have more classes to add, click on Reg options.  REPEAT steps 8 through 11.

    Congratulations.  You are registered!

    Registering as a Full-Time Student by Certification

    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The Continuing Study and Certified Full-time Status Form contains information for students registering for less than 12 credit hours who are eligible to be certified as a full-time student.  Visa regulations require that most international students register as full-time students either by course registration or by certification.

    PhD students registering for credits and receiving a full-fellowship are automatically granted full-time status and are not required to submit a Continuing Study and Certified Full-time Status Form. PhD students who are not registering for credits or are not receiving a full-fellowship, please read the description under each status for instructions on completing the form.

    Master’s students who are registering for less than twelve credits and are eligible to be certified for full-time study should read the description under each status for instructions on completing this form. The Continuing Study and Certified Full-time Status Form is not acceptable without the signatures of both your major advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies or the Department Chair.  Terms of eligibility are printed on the form.

     Office hours for the GRS Records Office are:

     Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Monday – Friday
    9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Registration Instructions for Auditing Courses

    A GRS student may audit courses.  Audited courses are not covered by GRS financial aid for Master’s students.  For PhD students, tuition for an audited course will be covered by scholarship if the course is approved by the Director of Graduate Students (DGS) in your department. This course must be related to the dissertation research, or be considered as background or preparation for the dissertation research or topic.  900-level courses may not be audited.  A Course Adjustment Form (drop/add) must be signed by the professor of the course to be audited and submitted to the GRS Office. The DGS must approve the form by signing under Advisor Signature.

    Graduate Financial Aid

    Various forms of financial aid are available to support your studies at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

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