Savannah Majarwitz (2022)

International Relations (Jacksonville, FL)


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Instagram: @savvy8888
Majors/Minors: International Relations; Minor in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies
Extracurriculars: Boston University Student Government (Co-Chair of Mental Health Committee, CAS Senator), CAS Student Government (Advocacy Committee), Mental Health Fair Coordinator, Project Manager at BU Spark! (Microsoft Security Project, Migrant Resource Connector, Heyrick Research)

What advice do you have for making the most of your BU experience?

“Don’t hold yourself back, this is the time to go out of your comfort zone and have new life experiences. If you’re interested in something, don’t hesitate to ask questions about it, there are countless resources at BU to help you get connected.”