Ada Mesci (2022)

Psychology (Ankara, Turkey)


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Ankara, Turkey
Instagram: @adamesci
Majors/Minors: Psychology; Minor in Public Health (SPH) and Public Relations (COM)
Extracurriculars: International Peer Mentor, Project Manager for Urban Refuge startup, Sigma Kappa Sorority member, Research Assistant working in Psychology Department, Turkish Student Association (Secretary)

What advice do you have for making the most of your BU experience?

“Four years may seem like a lot but it really isn’t enough. Keep this in mind from the beginning and make sure to set goals for yourself. Study something you’re passionate about and experiment by taking classes out of your comfort zone. Attend meetings for many clubs, then narrow it down so you can focus on what you’re really interested in. Invest in your social and cultural experiences as much as your academics. Boston has a lot to offer! Visit museums, go to concerts, attend TEDx conferences, eat at exciting restaurants, bike at the Boston Common, and meet new people from all around the world who came to this college town with the same purpose as you!”