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CAS News September 19, 2012
CAS’s Newest Department: Earth & Environment

This summer, two storied CAS departments, Geography & Environment and Earth Sciences, joined forces to form the College’s newest department, Earth & Environment.

The Department of Earth & Environment is the nexus of research, education, and outreach related to planet Earth at Boston University. This vision includes the physics and chemistry of the Earth’s solid earth and climate system, the ecology and biogeochemistry of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the dynamic interactions of people and society with the natural environment at local, regional, and global scales.

The department’s research and teaching foci include both disciplinary foundations and interdisciplinary themes, and are explicitly designed to be outward looking and inclusive of the broad mosaic of Earth & Environment-related units, programs, and activities at Boston University.

The department has four major research and graduate program areas: 1) Biogeosciences and Climate; 2) Energy, Environment, and Society; 3) Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics; and 4) Geographical Sciences. Our faculty members also participate in interdepartmental programs that offer graduate degrees in Global Development Policy and International Relations and Environmental Policy, as well as a certificate in Terrestrial Biogeosciences.

The undergraduate program includes courses spanning the breadth of interests in the department. Students can major in Environmental Science, Environmental Analysis & Policy, Earth Sciences, Environmental Earth Sciences, Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Geophysics & Planetary Sciences. We emphasize the integration of teaching and research not only in classes but also by encouraging undergraduates to participate in research. Various research opportunities are offered during both the academic year and summer.

Administrative offices for the new program are located at 685 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 130.

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