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Critical Language Scholarship Opportunities for Foreign Language Study

There are many nationally based scholarship opportunities available for students of languages deemed important for national security or "Critical Languages." Particularly common are opportunities for intensive summer language programs or language and research travel experiences for those at the intermediate level. Feel free to let your students know about these exciting opportunities.

BU provides an unusually large number of such language programs, and students may be interested in knowing of these opportunities as they consider how to fulfill their language requirements. Students in the sciences, computer science, engineering, economics, politics, mathematics, history, sociology, anthropology, and international relations may be particularly strong in these scholarship competitions. These opportunities also have parallel programs for graduate students. The languages in question are taught in the departments of Romance Studies (Portuguese), African Studies (African Languages), or Modern Languages & Comparative Literature (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Turkish).

Critical Language Scholarship Program
Provides generous scholarships for intensive study of a Critical Language. For most languages, you must acquire intermediate level on campus before applying (as noted).
Arabic, Persian: Advanced beginning, intermediate, or advanced level;
Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Urdu: Beginning, intermediate, or advanced level;
Chinese, Japanese, Russian: Intermediate or advanced level.

Boren Fellowships
Available for the following languages taught at BU:
Arabic (LY)
Chinese (LC)
Hebrew (LH)
Hindi Urdu (LN)
Japanese (LJ)
Korean (LK)
Persian (LZ)
Portuguese (LP)
Russian (LR)
Turkish (LT)
African languages (LD) indigenous to one of the emphasized African countries: (

You can study additional languages not offered at Boston University on the ground, though some track record in language learning is recommended to be competitive. A student just won this competitive fellowship to study advanced Turkish after completing four semesters at BU.

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