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University Revises FERPA Policy

Boston University implemented a new policy on September 1 regarding communication with parents and guardians about students. The University will no longer proactively provide to parents and guardians most kinds of information about the students, and will not discuss the details of student academic records with them. “These new practices are consistent with the University’s view that students should be treated like responsible adults and with the University’s goal of promoting each student’s growth and independence,” said BU President Brown in a letter to the University community.
The changes are designed to bring our policies in line with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of student education records. The changes result from an in-depth review of prior policy and policies of other institutions, with input from faculty, students, and staff. It is important that all faculty and staff who might have contact with parents be aware of the policy and how to implement it properly. 

Throughout this month, CAS has been holding FERPA training sessions for departmental chairs, academic administrators, and directors of undergraduate studies. If you have a question regarding the new policy, contact one of the College’s FERPA liaisons:

Wayne Synder,, 8-2739
Kerry Buglio,, 3-2400
Chris McMullen,, 3-2401
Lorraine Boyd,, 3-7004

For more information, visit