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CAS Hosts Special Events for Class of 2013

With the start of a new academic year, CAS is planning three events exclusively for incoming freshmen.

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    Ice Cream Social

    Freshmen will meet Dean Sapiro and mingle with new classmates as they make their own sundaes and listen to live music in an outdoor setting. The event will feature performances by CAS faculty blues band Fish Worship, Dean of Students Kenn Elmore, and Professor of Music Victor Coelho. Students will be encouraged to bring their own instruments and jam with the band.

  • CAS Café I

    CAS Café I

    Freshmen and faculty will gather for coffee and dessert in a café-style setting and discuss author Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, a provocative book about what the author calls “our national eating disorder.”

  • CAS Café II

    CAS Café II

    Freshmen and faculty will meet in another café-style setting to hear Professor Shahla Haeri discuss her experiences in Iran this past summer during the elections and demonstrations. Participants will engage in discussion as a large group and at smaller tables.

    All of the activities are based on the recommendations of a Task Force on First-Year Experience, which examined the best ways for new students to integrate into BU and become more successful. The task force’s findings emphasized the importance of creating an academic community where freshmen get to know faculty outside the classroom and build a strong connection to the College through enjoyable academic and social events.

    As we launch these programs for the Class of 2013, we look forward to establishing a new tradition of welcoming our newest students into the CAS community.