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CAS News June 1, 2012
Unprecedented Maya Find Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth
In the last known largely unexcavated Maya megacity, archaeologists—including CAS Assistant Professor William Saturn—have uncovered the only known mural in an ancient Maya house, a new study says; and it’s not just any mural. Read the National Geographic article.
CAS Researchers Solve Riddle of Turtle’s Origin
Researchers at Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences have uncovered the story of the turtle’s evolutionary origins. Read more.
Points of Departure: I Found My Activism Here
Sarah Merriman (CAS’12) and Ariana Katz (CGS’10, CAS’12) talk about their involvement with the BU Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism and the strong friendship they formed while doing activism at BU. Watch the video.
“Irrepressible” Milanese Wins Metcalf Teaching Award
With its guaranteed anonymity and slam book-style candor, RateMyProfessor.com is viewed by some faculty with trepidation. Marisa Milanese, a CAS Writing Program senior lecturer, can breathe easy on that account. The entries by her students amount to a love fest. Milanese is the winner of one of this year’s two Metcalf Awards for Excellence in Teaching, announced May 3 at the Senior Breakfast. Read more.
Andrew Duffy Wins Metcalf Cup and Prize
What’s that going on in Andrew Duffy’s class? Is it a NASCAR demonstration? (Duffy’s been known to crash model cars for his students’ enlightenment.) Is it a Lost in Space marathon? (Now he’s shooting a laser through water.) Is it Disney on Ice? (There’s Duffy, holding some weights and talking about figure skaters while standing atop a twirling table.)

None of the above. What’s really going on is the kind of grab-you-by-the-lapels teaching that won this year’s Metcalf Cup and Prize, the University’s top teaching award. Read more.
Have Faith in Yourself
Philosophy studies shape BU student speaker’s Commencement address
Leila Belmahi was eight years old before she could read a single word. A learning disability made reading and writing nearly impossible. “I hated it,” she says. But she slowly learned to master both, and once she did, she “just fell in love with language.” On May 20, Belmahi delivered BU’s student Commencement address. Read more.
Genome Research Reveals Key Behind One Butterfly’s
Ability to Mimic Another
An international consortium of researchers, including CAS Assistant Professor of Biology Sean Mullen, has discovered promiscuous sharing of large regions of DNA code among species by sequencing the genome of a South American butterfly. Read more.
Points of Departure: More Than a Blog
With its many writers from CAS, the BU Culture Shock blog was recently named by BostonInno as one of Boston’s college-related blogs you need to be following right now. Watch four graduating CAS seniors discuss their experience writing for the blog. Read more.
BU Offers Public Rare Glimpse of Venus
Crossing the Sun, June 5
On June 5, Venus will make one of its rare transits across the surface of the sun. The Boston University Astronomy Department and BU Center for Space Research will host an event to allow as many visitors as possible a safe glimpse of this event. Read more.
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BU Offers Rare Glimpse of Venus Crossing the Sun
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Summer Community for Faculty: Dean’s Summer Casuals
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