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New Program Combines Bachelor’s Degree, Master of Public Health

The College of Arts & Sciences is collaborating with the School of Public Health on an innovative dual-degree program that will allow Boston University undergraduates to earn a bachelor’s degree from CAS and a Master of Public Health from the School of Public Health in five years. BU will unveil the program this fall. “The establishment of this early selection pathway into the School of Public Health capitalizes on BU’s rich and unique integration of a liberal arts and professional education,” said Arts & Sciences Dean Virginia Sapiro in announcing the program. “Students can earn two valuable degrees in a compressed time frame that also saves tuition money. The arts and sciences degree is a great platform for entering the field of public health, a high-demand field that opens up many job options at home and abroad.” The dual-degree program builds on a successful model created five years ago by BU’s College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Sargent College). It is the latest in a variety of blended academic programs offered to CAS undergraduates, including:

    • The Boston University Collaborative Degree Program (BUCOP), which allows qualified undergraduates to enroll in two of the university’s schools or colleges and earn two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously;
    • A combined pre-professional and professional curriculum leading to the awarding of the Bachelor of Arts and either the Doctor of Medicine from BU’s School of Medicine or the Doctor of Dental Medicine from BU’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine;
    • The combined bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offered jointly by the College of Arts & Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences; and
    • The MMEDIC program, which allows academically talented undergraduates in their junior and senior years to take modular courses that fulfill certain requirements of the first and second years of medical school.