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And the Winners Are…

The winners of the 2008/2009 Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising were announced at the April 29 faculty meeting. They are Paul Lipton, Center for Neuroscience; Katherine O’Connor, Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature; and John Snyder, Department of Chemistry. Prize winners are chosen based on student recommendations.

Paul Lipton, research assistant professor of psychology and director of undergraduate academic and research affairs in the Department of Neuroscience, has a limitless enthusiasm for helping undergraduates. The more than 70 neuroscience majors he personally advises know that his office door is always open. Paul is always glad to help work out their schedules; talk about classes, research, and internship opportunities; or just hang out and talk.

Katherine O’Connor, professor of Russian and associate chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Comparative Literature, embodies excellence in advising and mentoring. She inspires her small community of majors by her thoughtful approach to experiences inside and outside the classroom. One student related that Katherine helped her achieve a Buck Scholarship and concluded, “I have never felt lost or alone in my college endeavors; Professor O’Connor has always been there for me and is an absolute pleasure to talk to. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if I did not have her as an advisor.”

John Snyder, professor of chemistry, is known to his students as not only an inspired teacher who integrates his research and recent discoveries into his lectures, but also a committed and personable advisor and mentor to undergraduates. Despite his busy schedule, he always seems to have time. One student related, “Anytime I had a problem, personal or academic, Dr. Snyder was right there and took the time to give me advice and help. He even went out of his way to find me a scholarship for the summer so I could take two classes that I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.”