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Welcoming New Faculty

Learn more about the newest members of the College

CAS has hired at least 30 new faculty this year, most of whom will begin their work at BU this fall. Now is the time to think about making sure they are welcomed and well-integrated into the University, CAS, and your department. The department administrator should have up-to-date information and offer assistance to help new faculty get settled and receive necessary paperwork, key dates, start-of-semester practices, and preparation for the semester’s activities. Be sure new colleagues receive a BU e-mail address and place them on departmental circulation lists. Tenure-track faculty should be assigned a mentor as soon as possible. Make sure new colleagues’ offices are ready for business. Encourage them to attend the BU New Faculty Orientation, Friday, August 28. We have tentatively scheduled a CAS New Faculty Breakfast and Orientation for Friday, September 11. Find out when the new faculty will arrive and organize a personal welcome from some colleagues.