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Grad Students and Professors Invited to Instructional Innovation Conference

The Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching is pleased to present the 2011 Instructional Innovation Conference at BU on March 25. If you have not done so already, please reserve your space by clicking here by Tuesday, March 22.

Boston University Instructional Innovation Conference

Friday, March 25, 2011

Location: 1 Silber Way, 9th Floor (Trustee's Ballroom and Kenmore Conference Room)

Schedule of Events:

  • 8–8:30 Registration & Breakfast
  • 8:30 Welcome: Janelle Heineke, Faculty Director, Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching
  • 8:30–8:40 The Importance of Innovation: Victor Coelho, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • 8:45–10:15 Concurrent Sessions:
    • Trustee's Ballroom: Engaging Students: An Exercise in Movement and Music, Helena Binder (CFA). An Innovative Student Project Conceived as Part of a Natural Sciences Course, Andy Andres & Peter Busher (CGS). Helping Students Understand Complex Social Problems: The "Is It Corruption?" Exercise, Taryn Vian (SPH). Teaching Through Unexpected (and Sometimes Painful) Experiences, Moshe Cohen (SMG).
    • Kenmore Conference Room: Games/Exercises: The DNA Bead String Exercise, Anita DeStefano (SPH). Learning Pedagogical Lessons from Video Games, Nicholas DiDonato (STH). Moving Families Toward Economic Independence, Emily Feinberg and Sara Donahue (SPH). Jeopardy Research, Serena Rajabiun (SSW/SPH), Sheila Phicil and Carol Tobias (SPH).
  • 10:15–10:30 Break
  • 10:30–12 Concurrent Sessions:
    • Trustee's Ballroom: Course Design: Physics RULE: Active Pre-Learning for 1000 Students, Andrew Duffy, Lee Roberts, Bennett Goldberg, and Manher Jariwala (CAS). Innovative Instructional Practices in Design, Implementation and Execution of Blended Programs, Vijay Kanabar, Leo, Burstein, Lou Chitkushev, and Tanya Zlateva (MET). A Blended Approach to Develop Hierarchical Thinking, Wayne LaMorte (SPH).
    • Kenmore Conference Room: Discussion Boards: Using an Online Forum and Blog to Incorporate Real-World Issues into a Business Law Course, Kabrina Chang (SMG). Using Blackboard Discussion Board in HC Communication Course, Teresa Cheng, Thomas Barber, Julie Crosson, and Suzanne Sarfaty (MED). An Online Strategy to Translate Basic Concepts into Real-World Applications, Jean Maguire van Seventer (SPH) and Eldon Strickland (ODE).
  • 12–12:40 Luncheon
  • 12:40–12:50 Instructional Innovation and BU: Jean Morrison, University Provost
  • 12:50–2:40 Concurrent Sessions:
    • Trustee's Ballroom: Learning in the Real World: The PAIRS Program: Pairing Medical Students with Early-Stage Alzheimer's, Angela Jefferson and Nicole Cantwell (MED). Expanding the Ivory Tower: Creating Educational Partnerships for Global Health, James Wolff and Monita Baba Djara (SPH). Using Exciting Educational Principles to Create a Multidimensional/Multiformat Teaching Experience, James Meisel and Daniel Chen (MED). In-Class Exercises to Teach Legal Research Skill, Stefanie Weigmann and Stephen Donweber (LAW). Kinematics of Billiards: Draw, Follow and Massé Shots, Sidney Redner (CAS).
    • Kenmore Conference Room: Team Learning Applications: Variations on the Case Study: Engaging and Enabling Students in Active Learning, Deborah Breen (CAS). A Telescope of Two Cities: Flagstaff and Boston (One NSF REU Supplement's Impact on 90 Students and a Dean), Dan Clemens (CAS). From Introductory Statistics to Real-Life Projects: Can We Prepare Our Students?, Natallia Katenka (CAS). A Pedagogic Experiment in Team Learning and Writing, Amelie Rorty (CAS). Using Team-Based Learning in a Gross Human Anatomy Course, Judith Schotland (SAR).
  • 2:40–2:55 Break
  • 2:55–4:40 Concurrent Sessions: Using Technology to Innovate in the Classroom
    • Trustee's Ballroom: Mind Maps as a Teaching Tool, Adnan Onart (MET). Using e-Portfolios to Document, Present, and Assess Public Health Competencies and Skills Learned in the Classroom, James Wolff and Monita Baba Djara (SPH). Safer Sex in the City, Sophie Godley (SPH). Facilitating Student Learning with EM&T KBC, David Whittier and Eisara Supavai (SED). Lights! Camera! Action!: Students Film Commercials in Business English Class, Eileen Kramer, Linda Wilkins, and Lisa Pontoppidan (CELOP).
    • Kenmore Conference Room: Use of Online Spaced Education to Reinforce Learning, Kitt Shaffer (MED). Tablet PC Enhanced Instruction: Technology as a Means to Enhance Student Learning, Carla Romney (MET). Teaching an Advanced Computer Science Course Using Graphical Wacom Tablets and Echo/360 Recording Technology, Anatoly Temkin, Leo Burstein, and Tanya Zlateva (MET). Using Interactive Synchronous Tablet Tools in Online Finance Courses, Irena Vodenska (MET).

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