CAS News

On the Move

Reporting on the “State of the University” at the recent Spring Management Conference, President Brown announced plans for a new six-story building to be located at 100 Bay State Road. Depending on when ground is broken, the new building would be open in August 2012 or August 2013.

The first two floors and half basement of the building will be dedicated to a variety of consolidated, “dynamic” dining services, including a cafe. (These replace dining facilities currently and inefficiently scattered among Myles Standish, 140 BSR, and Shelton Hall.) The fifth and sixth floors will house the Educational Resource Center and the Career Services Center that serves our CAS students (and aspires to serve them more comprehensively).  Floors 3 and 4 were originally conceived as dormitory space. But President Brown, having determined that these floors would be better put to academic purposes, recently offered them to CAS as a first step toward achieving some of our goals for program growth in areas that affect all CAS students throughout all four college years.

As the President announced, plans developed over the last several weeks call for the (interconnected) third and fourth floors at 100 BSR to house a “CAS Academic Center.” This center will comprise significantly expanded and reconfigured student-, faculty-, and staff-friendly spaces for the Arts & Sciences Writing Program, CAS Academic Advising and Records, pre-professional programs, and programs for student development and leadership.