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The College of Arts & Sciences to date has hired five new faculty members for the 2012–13 academic year in the departments of International Relations, Chemistry, and Political Science.

The Department of International Relations has hired three new assistant professors.

Renata Nicole Keller will fill a position in Latin American International Relations. She received her BA in History and Spanish from Arizona State University and is completing her PhD in History at the University of Texas, Austin. Her dissertation, “Capitalizing on Castro: Mexico’s Foreign Relations with Cuba and the United States, 1959–1969,” draws on significant archival work in Mexico and the United States, including newly opened intelligence archives in Mexico. Keller’s teaching interests include colonial and modern Latin American history, diplomacy and international relations, and transnational and cultural approaches to the Cold War.

Jeremy Menchik has been hired in the field of Religion and International Relations. Menchik received his BA with honors in Political Science from the University of Michigan, and his MA (2007) and PhD in Political Science (2011) from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. He is currently a Shorenstein Post-Doctoral Fellow in Contemporary Asia, and previously was a Luce Visiting Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion. He is a specialist in the intersection of religion, politics, society, and international relations. His dissertation, “Tolerance Without Liberalism: Islamic Institutions and Political Violence in Twentieth Century Indonesia,” focused on the political roles of three key Muslim civil society groups in Indonesia. He will coordinate the MA program in IR & Religion and also contribute courses in Muslim societies and Southeast Asia.

Cornel Ban will join the International Relations Department in the field of International Political Economy. He received his BA/JD from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, and subsequently worked as an attorney. He earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Maryland in 2011 and also received international law training at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Brown University Watson Institute for International Studies from 2008 to 2010, is now a Post-Doctoral Fellow, and is also serving as the Associate Director of Development Studies, an interdisciplinary undergraduate concentration. His research interests are situated at the intersection of international and comparative political economy, with a focus on the politics of diffusion of economic ideas and institutions through development-oriented international financial institutions and other actors. His doctoral dissertation, “Neoliberalism in Translation: Economic Ideas and Reforms in Spain and Romania,” examined the diffusion of neoliberalism in Spain and Romania across several decades. He was honored by Brown’s Undergraduate Council of Students with its Outstanding Advisor Award.

The Department of Chemistry has hired Aaron Beeler, as an assistant professor in the field of Medicinal Chemistry. He received a BS in Biology from Belmont University and his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Mississippi in 2002. He joined BU’s Center for Chemical Methodology & Library Development in 2003 as their first post-doctoral fellow, was promoted to Assistant Director in January 2005, and further promoted to Research Assistant Professor in 2008. He leads efforts in the center’s library synthesis activities and collaborative interdisciplinary projects related to the utilization of microfluidics in the discovery of novel chemotypes and reaction pathways.

The Department of Political Science recruited Katherine Levine Einstein to fill a position in American politics. She received her BA in Political Science from Yale University magna cum laude in 2007 and is currently completing her dissertation, “Divided Regions: Race, Political Segregation and the Polarization of Metropolitan America” in pursuit of her PhD in Government at Harvard. Her research interests broadly include political behavior, urban politics and policy, racial and ethnic politics, and political geography. Her dissertation considers the roles of racial, institutional, and economic contexts in creating polarized metropolitan areas, and examines how these fragmented political climates shape local policy outcomes. Katherine is a Graduate Affiliate at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, a Doctoral Fellow in the Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality and Social Policy, a Center for American Political Studies Dissertation Research Fellow, and a former National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

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