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Hariri Institute announces 2011/12 Junior Faculty Fellows

The Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering at Boston University is pleased to announce its inaugural set of Junior Faculty Fellows. They are:

  • Jonathan Appavoo, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Mark Kramer, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Evimaria Terzi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

The Junior Faculty Fellows program recognizes outstanding BU junior faculty pursuing computational research in a range of disciplines. According to Professor Azer Bestavros, Founding Director of the Hariri Institute, “This exceptional cohort of Hariri Junior Fellows epitomizes the qualities that the institute is striving to cultivate and nurture at Boston University, especially as it relates to the integrative nature of their computing and computational research, which is unhindered by ossified disciplinary boundaries.” Commenting on the breadth and complementary nature of their research, he adds, “The research programs pursued by the Junior Fellows are quite diverse, yet in many ways they are related and complementary. For example, professors Lubin, Terzi, and Kramer are all working with techniques to analyze large data sets, whereas professors Coskun and Appavoo share an interest in power-efficient, large-scale computing, in support of demanding HPC applications such as those pursued by Ritt.”

Meet the Fellows

Over the next several months, each of the Junior Faculty Fellows will be giving a Hariri Institute Distinguished Lecture. For more information and to receive notices about this and other Hariri Institute activities, please join the institute mailing lists by becoming an affiliate member. For more information, please visit the institute’s website.

About the Fellows

Professor Jonathan Appavoo joined the Department of Computer Science in 2009. After receiving his PhD at the University of Toronto, he worked at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratory. His current research work focuses in two major areas: architectures for scalable, elastic systems that enable large-scale on-demand computing, and computer systems that can combine traditional computing with the kinds of statistical inference capabilities used by the human brain.

Professor Mark Kramer joined the Department of Mathematics & Statistics in 2009. His background includes training in physics, dynamical systems, and neuroscience, and he earned his PhD at the University of California at Berkeley in 2006. His research currently focuses on mathematical neuroscience, with a particular emphasis on biophysical models of neural activity and data analysis techniques. As one example, Professor Kramer is working with researchers at Mass General Hospital to apply mathematical and computational techniques to better characterize, and eventually treat, epileptic seizures.

It’s an exciting privilege to join the Hariri Institute as a Junior Faculty Fellow. I look forward to collaborating with the other Fellows and the Hariri Institute’s community of scholars to undertake new and engaging, interdisciplinary research,” says Professor Kramer.

Professor Evimaria Terzi joined the Department of Computer Science in 2009. Before coming to Boston University, she was a member of the research staff at IBM Almaden Research Center. Her current research focuses on data mining with emphasis on social-network analysis, analysis of sequential data, ranking, clustering and bioinformatics. In particular, she is working on problems related to expert identification and team formation in social networks, analysis of online product reviews, and privacy-preserving social network analysis. Evimaria is a Microsoft Faculty Fellow and her research is supported by NSF and gifts from Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft.

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