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Symposium Honors Gender and Sexuality Theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

The BU Humanities Foundation and the College of Arts & Sciences presented the symposium “Honoring Eve: A Symposium Celebrating the Work of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick” on October 31. Sedgwick taught at BU from 1981-1983 and wrote the draft of her well-known book The Epistemology of the Closet while a faculty member at CAS. She went on to become one of the most important theorists of gender and sexuality over the past 30 years. Eve was to have come back for a lecture last year, but was too ill, and died shortly thereafter.

The event’s chief organizers were professors Erin Murphy (English), Keith Vincent (Modern Languages & Comparative Literature), and Anna Henchman (English). The graduate coordinator was Emily Griffiths Jones (English GRS). In addition to CAS and the Humanities Foundation, the other sponsors were the departments of English, Modern Language & Comparative Literature, Psychology, Religion, and Romance Studies; the Women’s Studies Program; and the Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Core Curriculum.