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Procedure for Broadcast E-Mails

We receive many  requests to send broadcast e-mails through the CAS Dean’s Office. The BU Office of Information Technology manages all broadcast e-mails. Please follow that office’s procedures.

  • As we all see our “inboxes” filled every day, please consider before you make a request whether a broadcast email is the best method of communication.  For advertising events, for example, consider submitting them to the BU events calendar.

    Submit all requests at least two days before the required mailing date to allow sufficient time for setup and delivery of the message.
  • Compose your message and send a draft to Jeremy Schwab, CAS communications specialist, for approval.  Once you receive approval, forward a copy of it to Send the approved message to The message body and subject field should be specified exactly as you want them to appear in the mailing.
  • An automated reply to your message will be generated and sent to you. The auto response will contain a unique identifier that serves as a tracking number for your message. It also will request that you furnish the following:
  • Date on which you want the message sent.
  • The e-mail address to be displayed as the sender of the message.
  • The e-mail address to which undeliverable mail replies should be sent.  (It can be the same as the e-mail address used as the sender of the message.)
  • A list of recipients (e.g., cas-faculty) to whom the e-mail should be sent.
  • The name of the person from whom you have obtained approval.
  • Your phone number.
  • Once your reply with this information is received, your broadcast e-mail will be processed and you will receive a sample of the message as it will be distributed. You can modify the text anytime before you give final approval. Simply edit the text and send it to The body of the message should contain only the revised message text; the subject field should contain the unique identifier that was sent to you when you initially submitted your message for distribution.
  • If you agree that the message is ready to be sent, confirm via an e-mail sent to Once you complete this step, your message will be queued for release on the specified date.
  • The primary contact for all broadcast e-mail requests is Valerie Kean, ( or 617-353-8190). For more details, visit