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Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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Dialogues in Biological Anthropology: Proclaiming Ardipithecus: A Revolution in Our Understanding of Human Origins?

3:00 pm on Thursday, December 12, 2013
BU Hillel House, 4th floor
The CAS Anthropology Department is hosting the 8th in its series of Dialogues in Biological Anthropology. Thursday's Dialogues will deal with an enigmatic 4.4-million-year-old skeleton of an apelike creature from Ethiopia, recently described and hailed as revolutionizing our understanding of human evolution. Entitled "Proclaiming Ardipithecus: A Revolution in Our Understanding of Human Origins?", these Dialogues will feature two leading experts on these fossils, Prof. William Jungers from Stony Brook University and Prof. William Kimbel from Arizona State University. The two will engage in a one-on-one colloquy in an online webcast at 3:00 PM, and a public panel discussion with audience participation at 4:30 on the fourth floor of BU's Hillel House. Videos and papers from previous Dialogues are available on the Dialogues home page (