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Spring 2013 Features

a&s Insider

  • Finding Their Speech

    An Autism Center of Excellence is established at BU with a $10-million NIH grant.

  • In the Fertile Crescent

    BU Archaeology Department will lead a partnership with the University of Mosul in Iraq.

  • Book Reviews

    Highlights of new books by Arts & Sciences faculty

  • Growing Up Brave

    Psychologist Donna Pincus’s book offers parents strategies to help their kids master anxiety.

  • Europe from All Angles

    A new center on campus becomes the nucleus for multidisciplinary study of Europe.

  • Fast and Futuristic

    Hewlett-Packard Company gives BU the largest GPU cluster on the East Coast.

  • Why Kony 2012 Failed

    African Studies Director Timothy P. Longman sees subtle racism in American approach to Africa.

  • Walking the Line

    Zach Fredman (GRS’16) explores U.S.-China relations during World War II.

About Alumni

  • Milton on Her Mind

    Living fully to 102, poet Ida Fasel (CAS’31, GRS’45) funded a fellowship in Judaic studies.

  • A Field of His Own

    From the Green Monster to “Sweet Caroline,” Larry Cancro (CAS’77) dreams up Fenway fun.

  • The Last Word

    Brain: It’s What’s for Dessert

    Alice Cronin-Golomb takes a tantalizing approach to teaching neuropsychology.

From the Dean

Teaching students to see connections, writes Dean Virginia Sapiro, is a hallmark of CAS education and research.

Class Notes

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