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Spring 2012 Features

a&s Insider

  • Casting a New Afghanistan

    Two books by CAS anthropologists give fresh insight into Afghan society and politics.

  • The Mask, Reinterpreted

    Historian James H. Johnson’s research on the social meaning of the mask in old Venice offers a different interpretation.

  • Beyond Racism

    English professor Gene Andrew Jarrett examines the literary impact of African American writers throughout history.

  • Famed Faculty

    In the same league as Einstein? Four CAS faculty are honored for their exceptional contributions.

  • Legacy of a Great Explorer

    A new lectureship has been named for Maya archaeologist Norman Hammond.

  • A Powerhouse Combo

    Stephen Allen (CAS’12) plans to use French and Arabic to help West Africans access education.

  • The Sisters Silverman

    Moderated by Dean Virginia Sapiro, former rabbi Susan (CAS’85) and comedian Sarah discuss “Jewy-ness” for a BU audience.

About Alumni

  • Defender of Health Care Equality

    Neurosurgeon Gary Dennis (CAS’72) advocates for equal health care for all.

  • Training Aqua Cops

    Training baby sea lions to be detectives at sea is Daniell Hepting’s (CAS’98) dream job.

  • Winning Alums

    The 2011 CAS/GRS Alumni Award winners help others through bikes, ballparks, and banks.

  • The Last Word

    Ways to Go

    Survivor star “Boston Rob” traverses the globe 80 different ways.

From the Dean

An education in the liberal arts and sciences prepares CAS grads for success in any career they choose. Dean Virginia Sapiro discusses the data.

Class Notes

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