Completed course evaluations are due in CAS 106 no later than Friday, May 3, 2013.

Please ensure your course evaluation packets contain only completed course evaluations, no extraneous materials.

Envelopes should be sorted alphanumerically by course. Labels should be on the front of the envelope. Should the label be misplaced, please hand-write the information on the form. (Please note that your department will be charged by Slone for each missing label.)

  • Sample AY Timeline

    October 5: Forms Order and Class Enrollment Data Due

    November 5: Pick-up Date

    Monday, December 17: Completed Evaluations Due

    February 27: Forms Order and Class Enrollment Data Due

    March 26: Pick-up Date

    May 3: Completed Evaluations Due

  • Guidelines

    Departmental spreadsheets must be completed using this format. The information you provide will be displayed on the packet labels and evaluation reports. Accordingly, please use correct capitalization and punctuation.  Please also include GRS courses, but do not include directed studies.  Incorrect or incomplete spreadsheets will be returned.

    (Note: When submitting your spreadsheets, please also notify me in the body of the corresponding e-mail whether new scantron sheets should be ordered for your department and, if so, how many. Please ensure accuracy in your request as it is expensive to place last-minute orders when departments find they are short evaluation forms. The expense for evaluation forms ordered after this date will be passed on to the department.)

    For cross-listed courses, please indicate if your department is responsible for the course by typing the two-letter department code of the ‘meets with’ class in the cross list column on the spreadsheet. If your department is not responsible for the course, please highlight the row of the course in yellow on the spreadsheet (rather than deleting or omitting the row).

    The teaching faculty member’s home department is the department to list the cross-listed course. For example, IR/SO242 would be listed by International Relations. When reporting this course for evaluation purposes, International Relations would type ‘SO’ in the cross-list column on the spreadsheet for this course, while Sociology would highlight the row in yellow.

    When your department lists a cross-listed course, PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALSO INCLUDE ENROLLMENT TOTALS FOR BOTH SECTIONS. For example, if 12 students are enrolled in AH332 and 14 students are enrolled in AR332, Archaeology (the teaching faculty member’s home department) should report the enrollment as 26 (not merely the 14 students registered under their section code).

    On the template spreadsheet, you will find the “cross-list” column. When reporting a cross-listed course, use this column to list the other department/program(s) that are not reporting this course. For example, using the course IR/HI 350:

    -Under the column, “department”, International Relations should list “IR/HI”

    -For the “number” column, “350” should be listed

    -Under the “section name” column, “IR/HI350 A1” should be listed

    -Under the “cross-list” column, list the cross-listed department (in this case, HI)

    Finally, for ALL COURSES cross-listed between CAS and GRS, report each course separately even if both courses meet with the same instructor, time and place. For example, CAS RN415 and GRS RN715 should both be listed on the Religion spreadsheet as two separate courses, with enrollments broken into those registered in CAS and GRS.

    All departments are now being asked to report, and therefore, request evaluation sheets by discussion and lab sections. This means that for any course being offered which has discussion and/or lab sections, all must be included with the lecture section on the evaluation spreadsheet. When listing these additional sections, please use the name of the Professor or Teaching Fellow actually leading the section even if it differs from the University Class Schedule. (Note: Some cross-listed courses with a Professor in one department and Teaching Fellows in another should be listed on each department’s spreadsheet since all individuals shall be reviewed according to their home department.)

    For courses team-taught with two instructors, please list the course twice on the course spreadsheet with each instructor given their own line. In addition, please report the same enrollment total on both lines as evaluations will be collected for both instructors.

    Course listing template