The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is the heart of Boston University, a world-class, globally engaged teaching and research university. The mission of the College and Graduate School is to nurture the discovery, creation, transmission and application of knowledge and understanding across the humanities and the social, natural, and computational sciences. This mission applies to all of the College’s members, from the most decorated senior scholars to our matriculating undergraduates, and unifies our three great core tasks of undergraduate education, graduate education, and pioneering research.

This document lays out the fundamental duties and obligations expected of all tenured and tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences. It is not a complete enumeration of all expectations but rather, provides a framework. The details of how College of Arts and Sciences faculty might best fulfill their professional roles varies across disciplines and fields and across phases of a career, and the balance of activities varies to some degree from person to person, even within a discipline, and across years for an individual.