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Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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Non-academic Leaves: Medical and Childbirth

A faculty member requesting a six-week paid Childbirth Leave will normally be released from any teaching that would occur before or after the six-week paid leave to ensure pedagogical continuity.

The faculty member released from teaching prior to and after the six-week Childbirth Leave is expected to transfer effort to other full-time work, whether research, graduate and undergraduate student supervision and advising, departmental service, or other effort. Alternatively, if the faculty member chooses to take Workload Reduction within the same semester as Childbirth Leave, or chooses to take the remainder of the semester as unpaid leave, no such transfer is required.

Should a faculty member be released from teaching responsibilities but be unable to transfer effort to other activities (this may apply particularly to full-time Lecturers), the faculty member would be expected to make up a portion of lost teaching effort in a future semester, during which a maximum of one additional course would be taught. This make-up course must be taught within two years of the original leave. Again, this requirement would not apply to a faculty member who chooses to combine Childbirth Leave and Workload Reduction within a single semester, or who chooses to take the remainder of the semester as unpaid leave.

A department- or program-approved plan for such transfer of effort must be submitted with the leave request.

In line with University policy, a faculty member requesting paid full Workload Reduction may use this option in a single semester only, irrespective of the beginning date of the childcare obligations: this benefit cannot extend across parts of two different semesters.

A faculty member who requires pre-childbirth medical leave, a form of leave that must be supported by medical documentation, would not have any departmental obligations for the duration of that medical leave. No such medical documentation is required in support of a standard six-week Childbirth Leave.

See also the Faculty Handbook policies on Childbirth Leave and Workload Reduction

The Office of the Provost has also prepared a detailed FAQ on these policies.

Please contact Alexandra Adams (, Director of CAS Faculty Actions, if you have any questions about College policies.

January 6, 2012

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