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Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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Academic Researcher Annual Performance Appraisal

Compensated Academic Researchers employed in the College of Arts & Sciences should complete a performance review each year. No specific cycle for this review is mandated, but each continuing researcher must be reviewed annually: departments and programs may elect to conduct the review on or around the anniversary date of the employee’s hire, or may choose to complete all evaluations by a single date regardless of the hire date. However, the appraisal process must be completed at least once per year and no reappointment will be approved unless this process has been completed.

In order to make this review process more consistent across departments, the College has developed a fillable PDF document to be used each year for the review.

The form can be completed and routed electronically for ease of use during the review process. Section 1 should be completed by the academic researcher. This is where the employee can comment on his or her accomplishments since the last review period (or in the case of new employees since their hire date). The form can then be sent electronically from the employee to the PI/Supervisor who will then comment on the employee’s progress and performance using section 2 of the form. At the end of Section 2, the PI is expected to rate the employee’s performance as being “Very Satisfactory,” “Satisfactory,” or “Cause for Concern.” If there are causes for concern, the next part of the form should be used to comment on those concerns. This section should include a recommendation for steps designed to assist the researcher in improving performance for the coming year.

Once the appraisal has been completed, a meeting should be scheduled between the employee and the PI to discuss the content of the review and to set goals for the upcoming year. The form should be printed out and signed by both the supervisor/PI and the employee, and the signed appraisal should be forwarded to the Office of Faculty Actions.

The appraisal form is available online: Academic Researcher Annual Performance Appraisal Form

For reference, the campus-wide Academic Researcher Job Family Matrix indicates the ranks for which a performance appraisal is expected.

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