Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Other Teaching Appointments

University policies governing appointments of non-tenure-track faculty can be found in the BU Faculty Handbook, and forms are available in the Forms Library on the Office of the Provost’s website.

Recognizing the Contributions of Full-Time Lecturers

Lecturer Consolidation Proposals: The CAS Lecturer Consolidation Program which allows assignment of multiple courses or course sections to proven expert teachers and provides new positions with full benefits and a career ladder, is part of CAS’s overall effort to support high-quality undergraduate education. This program is open to departments and programs that have relied on part-time faculty on a continuing basis to fulfill their undergraduate instructional mission that demonstrate they satisfy four conditions:

  • They have employed part-time Lecturers on a repeated basis to teach critical undergraduate courses;
  • Enrollment patterns indicate that such needs are likely to continue;
  • The department has made every attempt to use its existing full-time faculty (all ranks) to cover the undergraduate curriculum effectively;
  • Lecturer consolidation proposals will be consistent with the planning that is documented in the Annual Academic Planning exercise and the department’s strategic plan.

Consolidations require infusions of new funds into our salary budgets; therefore new lecturer consolidations will be available only in years when the budget permits continuing commitment of new funding. New consolidation proposals for positions beginning in academic year 2013-2014 are due to Alexandra Adams ( by May 11, 2012; no hard copy is required. In the case of multiple proposals from a single unit, priorities should be clearly indicated and explained. If your department’s proposal is approved, you will be required to run an open search to fill the consolidation position. Faculty Actions will work with you on the appropriate means of advertising a vacancy.