The Quarterly Confirmation process provides Chairs, Directors, and Administrators an opportunity to review their current unrestricted budget and expenditures, understand the financial status of the department, and project available funds on a quarterly basis.

The Quarterly Confirmation report is broken down into two sections. The first section is the department’s unrestricted annual operating budget and the second section is the department’s undergraduate student payroll budget. The report includes cumulative expenditures (actual and commitments) through the current period and an empty column for your projected expenses.

Please note: Any projected savings in the undergraduate student payroll budget cannot be used to cover operating expense overages. You must request permission from the CAS Business Office to use these savings.

You will see your department’s unrestricted budget has specific line items (GL Accounts) such as Supplies, Domestic Travel, Meeting Expenses, etc. However, on the confirmation report (and in SAP), you may see a more detailed breakdown of expenditures. For example, Supplies may be budgeted in GL-510010, but you may have expenses posted in GL-510020–Consumable Water/Coffee Supplies and/or 510030–Consumable Office Supplies.

It is not vital to balance each individual GL account in your budget. Instead, it is important to have an overall understanding of how your budget is being spent and allocated. In other words, making sure the bottom line (budget vs. expenses) of your operating budget (without undergraduate student payroll) balances.


Due to Central Administration deadlines, it is important to meet the deadlines imposed by the CAS Business Office.

Should your department anticipate overspending their annual budget, a memo is required explaining the overages and what fund(s) will be used to cover that overage. It is the department’s responsibility to fund the overages and notify the CAS Business Office of your plan(s) to cover such overages.