Department chairs and program directors are appointed by the Dean with the advice of the faculty of the department or program. Terms for chairs and directors are generally three years renewable once. The standard process for determining succession is that early in the final year of a term in office the Dean appoints delegates to seek the advice of all faculty in the department or program phrased in terms of three questions:

  1. Who, among the faculty in your department, would you regard as possible candidates to be chair?
  2. Who would be your first choice to chair the department at this time?
  3. What are some of the challenges the chair will face in the coming years, and what do you hope the chair will accomplish in the next few years? That is, what guidance and conversations ought I to have with the chair?

The Dean then seeks to recruit the appropriate candidate to serve as chair or director. Appointments to formal administrative positions such as (associate) chair or director, director of undergraduate studies, and director of graduate studies are made by the Dean and may include overbase compensation and/or teaching release or other support as appropriate. It is CAS policy to offer such support packages on the basis of equity and comparability for positions of similar scope and complexity across the College rather than to treat support for faculty citizenship, service, and administration as a matter of individual compensation and negotiation.