Nominations Due for CAS Teaching Awards

  • All Day on Monday, April 8, 2013
CAS faculty are encouraged to nominate fellow CAS faculty members for the Gitner, Neu, and Wisneski prizes for Excellence in Teaching in the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Arts & Sciences Award for Distinction in First Year Undergraduate Education, and the Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education. Nominations are welcome from any member of the faculty and are due to Associate Dean Susan Jackson no later than Monday, April 8. The Prizes: These five prizes are awarded annually to members of the CAS faculty who exemplify deep and broad commitment, leadership, and effectiveness in the many arts of successful teaching. Along with a monetary award, winners receive a framed citation; their accomplishments are recognized at a faculty meeting and profiled in university publications. A number of past winners have gone on to win all-BU Metcalf awards and teaching prizes conferred by their regional and national professional organizations. Eligibility: Professorial faculty and full-time lecturers at all ranks are eligible to be nominated. Nominees must have been teaching full-time in the College for at least three years. Faculty should feel free to nominate colleagues in other departments as well as their own. Criteria: Successful classroom teaching figures centrally, of course, as a criterion of excellence. But these College prizes are also meant to celebrate the impact and quality of broader contributions in teaching: on the one hand, to the intellectual engagement and education of individual students (through such activities as office hours, directed study, collaborative scholarship, academic advising, mentoring, and career placement) and, on the other hand, to the overall teaching mission (through curriculum development and academic policymaking, pedagogical initiatives, advisement of student organizations and other co-curricular extensions of classroom learning, mentoring of TF's and other apprentice teachers, etc.). As its name indicates, the Award for Distinction in First Year Undergraduate Education specifically recognizes excellence in teaching, mentoring, and other contributions to the experience of first-year undergraduates. New this year, the Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education will honor a faculty member whose dedication to graduate students and commitment to excellence in graduate teaching, mentoring, and/or curriculum development have made a significant contribution to graduate education in GRS. Nomination and Selection Process: Your nomination should include a copy of your nominee's c.v. and a cover letter detailing his or her achievements in teaching writ large. Co-sponsored nominations are welcome. Selection will be made by an interdisciplinary faculty committee led by Associate Dean Jackson. Deadline: Nominations should be sent electronically or by hard copy to Susan Jackson ( by Monday, April 8, 2013. Susan will be happy to answer any questions about the process or the awards themselves.

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