Several BU Astronomy faculty are mentioned in this Sky and Telescope article based on results that were announced at the recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Long Beach, CA. The research of professors of astronomy Tom Bania, Dan Clemens, and James Jackson is highlighted here. Read the article

Computer Science (CS) PhD student Danna Gurari, CS MA student Seule Ki Kim, CS Professor Margrit Betke, and their coauthors won a Best Paper Award for their paper “SAGE: An Approach and Implementation Empowering Quick and Reliable Quantitative Analysis of Segmentation Quality” at the IEEE Workshop on the Applications of Computer Vision (WACV). Read more

Computer Science (CS) postgraduates Gonca Gürsun and Natali Ruchansky, CS Assistant Professor Evimaria Terzi, and CS Professor Mark Crovella have won an IRTF/IETF Applied Networking Research Prize, for their paper “Routing State Distance: A Path-based Metric for Network Analysis.” This work was presented at the 2012 Internet Measurement Conference, and will be a featured presentation at an upcoming IETF meeting. Read more

Professor of Sociology Nazli Kibria has been elected Vice President of the Eastern Sociological Society, for a one-year term beginning in 2014. Nazli has been active in a number of leadership roles in the Society, which will hold its annual meeting in Boston March 21-24.