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FY102 Classes

FY102 classes generally meet once a week for one hour and fifteen minutes and last half the semester.  Classes are small (17 students or fewer) and are meant to provide students with an opportunity to engage in discussion and activities around a specific topic area with the guidance and leadership of a BU administrator.  Classes require minimal outside reading or homework and are all Pass/Fail.

  • One-Credit (credit does not count towards graduation)
  • Pass/Fail
  • Open to students from all Colleges (unless otherwise noted)
  • Open to students of all years (unless otherwise noted)
  • Discussion and activity based
  • An opportunity to explore a topic of interest in a low-stress environment
  • All classes are remote in Spring 2021

For CAS students wishing to take more than 18 credits, please review the guidelines.  For questions regarding overload fees, please contact CAS OSPL Director, Stacy Ulrich, at srulrich@bu.edu

FY102 Classes Spring 2021

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