CAS On-Campus Internship Program

Upon acceptance into one of the approved internships, you will be registered for CAS IN 250 Internships for Liberal Arts: Work and Identity—Theory and Practice, which frames, facilitates, and guides students through an internship opportunity in a workplace setting within Boston University. CAS IN250 is a 1-credit course, taken P/F and does not count toward your degree. The course focuses on the essential skills and competencies for getting started and being successful in the workplace.

Prerequisites: CAS sophomore, junior, or senior standing in Fall 2020.

Applications closed for Fall 2020

Below is a sampling of internships available through the CAS On-Campus Internship Program. Opportunities vary depending on the semester.

Questions? Review our FAQ PAGE

For questions about the CAS On-Campus Internship Program and CAS IN250, please contact:
Emily Lombardo
Phone: 617-358-3198