We are here to support you throughout your journey at the College of Arts & Sciences.

The transition from high school to college brings great freedom of choice and also great responsibility for deciding who you are and who you want to become. As your academic home, the College of Arts & Sciences is committed to supporting  your adventure in self-discovery by strongly emphasizing advising and mentoring to help you identify and achieve your academic goals.

From Freshman Orientation to Commencement, our team of professional, faculty, and peer advisors stands ready to provide all the information and guidance you will need to fulfill the requirements of our College Program and experience the best that Boston University has to offer. Our standards are challenging, and we expect you to take the driver’s seat and steer your education in the direction you want it to take. But we’ll be here to help you on the road, encouraging you to reach for goals you may not yet be able to imagine.

In addition to our outstanding academic programs, CAS offers its students opportunities to engage in exciting research opportunities, participate in experiential learning through both on and off campus internship programs, and offers countless student groups and organizations to get involved with. There is truly something for everyone, what will you choose to do while here?