Chasing "Empty Signifiers"? Egyptian Theatre Before and After the "Arab Spring"

  • Starts: 4:00 pm on Tuesday, October 22, 2013
  • Ends: 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 22, 2013
In this presentation, Prof Hazem Azmy (Ain Shams University, Egypt) will discuss (time permitting) three different Egyptian theatrical productions, all by key figures of the “Free” Theatre Movement that came into existence in the early 1990s. Consisting of young talents with various levels of training and artistic merit, it attempted to challenge the existing patriarchal and gerontocratic cultural machinery—as if prefiguring the January 25 revolution almost two decades later. Like the movement itself, these productions will be argued to represent the aspirations, challenges, points of ambivalence, as well as, perhaps, myopias of the still-unfolding “Post-Revolutionary” Egypt and, more specifically, of the country’s secularist liberal faction.
African Studies Seminar Room, 232 BSR Room 505
Contact Name:
Mikaela Ringquist
Contact Phone:
(617) 358-4648

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